Psychotherapy is a tool that helps us to both better understand our emotions, and to help us improve the way our emotions work for us.

Our Approach To Physcotheraphy

Psychotherapy is designed to correct the difficulties we face in understanding ourselves and others, in trusting others and communicating successfully what it is we are feeling. Ideally, it also helps us to feel peaceful and confident, authentic and unashamed.

We are more aware than perhaps ever before about the importance of looking after ourselves and attending to our mental health. The demands placed upon us by modern life can make us so busy that we forget, or simply feel like we don’t have the time to check in with ourselves. It can be confusing to know where to begin with or own mental health.

Identifying what your individual needs are is a key focus of the team at Marino Counselling and Psychotherapy. We believe that engaging with a counsellor or psychotherapist should be routine, and easy. We therefore make it our mission to take away any of the stress that is sometimes associated with beginning therapy.

We can offer a quick one-to-one chat to answer any questions you may have about the process. This can be in person, or over the phone depending on what suits you best. If you would rather come straight in for a full consultation, our booking system means you can organise your first session online in a matter of moments.

What we do

People engage a psychotherapist for many different reasons. No matter what challenge you are facing in life, the support offered by a therapeutic relationship can help.

Psychotherapy is not only for the distressed few, or those suffering with pronounced mental health struggles – Psychotherapy is for everyone.

Whether you are facing a big change, want to feel less anxious, or just feel confused and uncertain about where you are in life, the clarity and awareness that psychotherapy provides will make change and decision-making seem less daunting.

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